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California 2000 - Proposition 23

If passed, the measure would allow voters to vote ''None of the Above'' (NOTA) rather than a named candidate in all state and federal elections in California, except for Supreme Court and appellate justices. It would also require that ''NOTA'' votes be tallied and reported in official election results, but only votes for named candidates would count in determining election results.

Pro: Proponents say at times they wish to protest the choices given on the ballot, express discontent over negative campaigning or object to lack of relevant information about candidates, but the only way they could be heard was by not voting. If the measure passes, the candidate with the most votes still gets the job. But each vote would be meaningful, not just a decision between the ''lesser of two evils.''

Who's for it? Amanda Gutwirth, social worker; David James, small-business owner; Susan Howell, waitress.

Con: Opponents say that because the option of voting for ''none of the above'' is non-binding there is no point in instituting it. They say that while voter apathy is appallingly high, NOTA will not bring many more non-voters to the polls. They also say that NOTA votes will draw voters away from third-party candidates.

Who's against it? Sara Amir and John Strawn, representatives for Green Party of California; Dona Spring, Berkeley City Council member.

Here is an article about Proposition 23.

Friends of Ernest The Folks throwing support behind Proposition 23.

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[MotherJones] - It means a lot to know Mother likes us. Their reference to Nobody, listed on mojo_plugs, is no longer there, but they said, during 1996, Nobody's site was better than the Clinton/Gore site.

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